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Danny's Barber Shop

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East Falmouth, MA


Located in the beautiful village of East Falmouth since 1969.

  11/12/21: Update regarding Requests for an Appoin​tment and Cancellation list

We are currently only able to take requests for the cancellation list at this time. Wait times could be up to 2 weeks depending on cancellations. Please know you will be put on the cancellation list when your request is received. Please do not expect notification until a time becomes available for you. You will be notified in the order you were received. Thank you for your patience, Susan

Please read all information below before trying to make an a request for the cancellation list.

We are able to except requests for cancellation list for haircuts this includes eyebrow trimming, hot lather neck shave. No face shaves  or nose trimming at this time.

There will be 2 ways for you to make a request to be put on the cancellation list:

  1. Email us at: [email protected]
  2. Call the barbershop 508-548-6013 leave message.

Whichever one you choose (only request once please) include ALL of the following information:

Full Name

Phone # - let me know if it’s your cell phone or home phone.

Email address

Appointment preference: First available time, AM or PM or preferred day

I will do my best to meet your request.

You will then get an email/text with your appointment date and time (if you don’t have an email or cell you will be contacted by phone)

You will only have to provide all this information once. After your initial appointment is set you’ll be in the appointment system.


We can now offer 2 payment options:

  1. At the barbershop after your haircut with cash or check.
  2. Pre-pay with credit card when you receive your confirmation email with the “Pay Now” button

We are unable to accept credit card payments at the barber shop at this time.

$21.00 Adults 

$20.00 Kids.

Please review:

As of 11/12/21 - Procedures for your visit to the Barbershop:

Because of the potential for breakthrough Covid19 cases and the close contact environment we are in, we will continue to wear masks inside the barbershop for the time being regardless of your vaccination status. I appreciate your patience.

We will continue trimming eyebrows and providing hot lather neck and around the ears shaves and beard trims. We are currently not offering face shaves at this time.

At the time of your appointment you can come in either door. There will be hand sanitizer for your use. You are welcome to come in and wait. If you are more comfortable waiting outside the door or in your car that is perfectly fine too. I will find you when it's your turn.

I am asking you to please NOT come to the barbershop for this appointment if you have recently tested positive for Covid, have Covid symptoms but have not had a test, are isolating or in quarantine per state guidelines, or have been in the presence of people who have tested positive within 6 days of your appointment.

Please contact me via email or phone so we can reschedule. It will be easy to exchange your appointment a week or two with someone else who may have been waiting for their appointment and would like to come in sooner.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Fall.

Thank you! Susan

On the corner of Davisville Rd. and Annette Ave. Building after CVS Pharmacy.